which means: [3.5] IMAP EXPUNGE command on Folder

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which means: [3.5] IMAP EXPUNGE command on Folder

Post by matce84 » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:38 pm

Hello dear forum Team.

can you please tell me what this means?

09/16/14 15:56:34 [3.5] IMAP EXPUNGE command on Folder: INBOX removed 1 items(s)
09/16/14 15:56:27 [7.5] POSTOFFICE Message from: xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.de was delivered to mailbox folder: \Inbox

The second is clearly. 1 Email from xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.de has arrived.

Please excuse my bad english.

The logs tell me that the e-mail from xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.de arrived,
but the customer says you would not have arrived.

Thank you for your effort and time.

Ok, via e-mail client via IMAP e-mail was deleted.
But where can I see which e-mail was deleted?

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