ME 8.53 Enterprise Premium and Parallels Plesk integration

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ME 8.53 Enterprise Premium and Parallels Plesk integration

Post by Digitalsima » Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:10 am

i am a proud owner of the Premium version of Mailenable server. it is working fine in all aspects but now i am thinking of expanding my business to web-hosting.
i am very close to decide on Parallels Plesk witch i found to be working with Mailenable standard edition. now my question is since my server is on antoher machine not the one the Parallels will be installed how can i make the integration between Plesk And Mailenable.
any ideas ?
i tried the APS connector but when i try to install it to Plesk 12.08 i get an error that the xml is corrupt or: Unable to install the extension: Path is invalid.
i tried it on Parallels Plesk Automation version and it is working OK but the price is much higher to get the PPA version i really need to know if there is a chance to make the APS work on Parallels Plesk version.


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