Trouble using renewed certificate

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Trouble using renewed certificate

Post by pootwaddle » Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:04 pm

I had to renew my certificate yesterday, and I've been able to get the new version to work with
webmail, but apparently not with mailenable itself.

When I try to select the certificate, I get the message .\IME_SYSTEM has to have access. However, I have
followed the instructions I've found and IME_SYSTEM has full access to
the Registry Key and in the certificate store.

I have restarted the services, rebooted the server and all to no avail so far.

In a related question, this certificate has the same common name as the previous one (of course, since it's a renewal) but
I can't tell which of the two is which in the pick list, and the debug log only shows the common name and not perhaps
a description or expiration date so I can know for sure I'm picking the correct one of the two...


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