Calculate Postoffice Diskspace Not working

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Calculate Postoffice Diskspace Not working

Post by jeffhsu » Thu May 07, 2015 6:29 am

I am using 8.61 Premium Enterprise
Under Domain properties -> Usage Notifications tab
I want to enable usage notifications for post office
When I click Update button, only the 1st domain seems to work, give me a result,
but after that my rest of the domains all never come back with a result, even my domain usage is very small only
Seems to be stuck, I waited very long also no results.
How to get it resolved?

Suppose if it is working, how ME calculate diskspace results?
Does it include all the users all folders and subfolders space + shared files size (really full total diskspace of all contents and materials)?

Btw, I would like to ask is there a place where I can easily see a listing of all domains respective usage size, how many messages inside etc?

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