SSL recv failed

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SSL recv failed

Post by mackilvane » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:41 pm

I connect to Mailenable using Gmail as my client. It suddenly stopped working a couple days ago for no readily apparent reason. I can still send over SMTP through Gmail, but POP no longer works. The debug log entry says it's something to do with SSL. It worked fine before. The only thing that changed was I updated my Cipher suites to stop using RC4 awhile back. The problem didn't start immediately after that, but I changed it back just in case, and no change from Gmail.

07/15/15 16:23:43 User logged on with SSL
07/15/15 16:23:44 SSL recv failed: 0 on socket [996]
07/15/15 16:23:44 (recv) socket [996] Host disconnected.

Anyone have any ideas?

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