Email moved from one mailbox to another (v8.60)

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Email moved from one mailbox to another (v8.60)

Post by twun » Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:09 pm


i have a very strange issue, one of my users had an email arrive in their inbox, after reading it on his mobile, he went back to his office and tried to find it on his outlook but noticed it had disappeared, we then checked his phone and it was no longer there.

It gets even stranger because a totally seperate user who has no correlation to the original recipient emailed us to say this email had appeared in their mailbox about an hour after this insident, I checked all the logs to figure out what was going on but I found no clue, I traced the email arriving into the postoffice but nothing after that.

any help would be appreciated, this is not normal behaviour and is quite worrying.


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