Handling quarantine

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Handling quarantine

Post by SirOsis » Wed May 23, 2018 8:34 pm

Hopefully this is possible to accomplish in some way, and I have not overlooked it in the documentation, but it doesn't look like there is a direct way to do it.

I need to accomplish something, a real world scenario would be similar to Data Loss Prevention. If a message contains a certain key word I have a filter that catches it, moves it to quarantine, sends a copy to a manager as well as a message with this notification:

MailEnable: MailEnable Message Scan intercepted the delivery of this message. Reason: (A data loss prevention event was triggered.)

The notification also has the message ID in it, in my case (just for example):
Message-ID: <003923d3f2e2$d8724150$883d27a0$@net>

Is there ANY way to access the quarantine VIA web services, a COM object or anything where I can pass the message ID and Deliver or Delete as a disposition to handle this. The API seems pretty robust, but unless I missed it or am overlooking the obvious it doesn't even touch on the quarantine.

I can not trust the person doing this to not go around monkeying around with settings they know nothing about, or digging around in folders on the network that they have no business in so unfettered access to the server is out of the question. I can barely rely on them to copy and paste the message ID reliably as it is.

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