Webmail slowdown after repository change

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Webmail slowdown after repository change

Post by vmiro55 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 6:35 am

last weekend we did an upgrade of ME from 10.20 to 10.26 version. We used to run two instances in cluster mode where the repository was on local NAS server.
Both instances are VMs on VMware virtual infrastructure.

Now, we have connected HP 3PAR storage volume on ESXi (where ME instance resides) and added a local disk to one of the ME instances where we transferred all of the files from NAS. One of the ME instances is a cluster controller now, and the other wasn't set yet.

Improvement in speed was remarkable, but after about a few minutes of working, users started to experience slowdowns in webmail.

What I did noticed in Performance monitor is Time spent in garbage collection is going high occasionally, and when Request Wait Time for ASP .NET starts rising then Request in Application Queue going to wild and is an indicator of webmail slowdown. In IIS management console, there is a MailEnableAppPool. When I recycle this pool Webmail starts working fast as it should, but after some time it slows down again.

We have one postoffice with about 550 mailboxes. OS is Windows 2012 R2 with latest updates.

CPU: 2.50GHz
Sockets: 2
Virtual processors: 2
RAM: 8GB (was 4GB before upgrade and migration)
HDD1: System on SSD (was on HDD before)
HDD2: Data on disk added from HP 3PAR storage via FC 8Gbps

All of the permissions are set and checked OK in ME Diagnostic Report. Tried with standalone server mode instead of a cluster controller, downgraded back to 10.20 version, installing latest Windows update...nothing helped.
Because of this problem, I moved all the files back to NAS and set the ME as a member of a cluster with UNC path to NAS and webmail works normally. Performance monitor shows 0% for garbage collection, no request wait time and no request in application queue for ASP .NET.

Any suggestion, opinion or advice on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks ;)


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Re: Webmail slowdown after repository change

Post by youseffloyd » Tue Dec 17, 2019 1:54 am

Well I' m here for the same..Hopefully someone will post an accurate solution here.

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