Auto-response not working for external emails

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Auto-response not working for external emails

Post by obiwanconobi » Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:02 am


Our auto-response is not working for external emails. They work when we send emails internally to each other.

We make use of a smart host, and from looking at the logs, I believe this to be the issue. As you can see from the logs:

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09/17/20 10:57:16	Message 2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI locked for delivery.
09/17/20 10:57:16	Delivering 2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI to message store (1 Recipients)
09/17/20 10:57:16	[2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI] Skipping autoresponse from MBX=connerp to [] as the message is flagged as system generated.
09/17/20 10:57:16	[2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI] Checking message of size 5Kb for mailbox (connerp) on postoffice ( with quota of -1Kb (current size 0Kb).
09/17/20 10:57:16	ProcessMailboxSpamSettings:: Mailbox spam filters are enabled
09/17/20 10:57:16	ProcessMailboxSpamSettings:: No action set for mailbox, message spam value=0
09/17/20 10:57:16	[2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI] DeliverToMailbox::, Spam Rules Result=0
09/17/20 10:57:16	[2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI] DeliverToMailbox:: Generating notification for message
09/17/20 10:57:16	[7204] Starting Direct Inserting [2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI] into index (M:\Postoffices\\MAILROOT\connerp\\Inbox\_index.xml).
09/17/20 10:57:16	[7204] Completed Direct Inserting [2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI] into index (M:\Postoffices\\MAILROOT\connerp\\Inbox\_index.xml).
09/17/20 10:57:16	[2B3E8C21A9FD4B86B7D388EBFF4CB3CF.MAI] Delivered message from [] to MBX=connerp FLD=\Inbox
It appears as though the messages are coming from postmaster, rather than the actual sender? Is there a way around this?

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