Chat History in v10 / Multple chats with same person?

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Chat History in v10 / Multple chats with same person?

Post by PMad » Mon Dec 07, 2020 9:09 pm

Question 1:
When users use the Chat tab in webmail, they have the option to load older messages (chat history), but when that link is clicked, the chat history is loaded out of order and not everything is there.

Is this a known issue or do I have something configured wrong?

Question 2:
I jumped into webmail chat to speak with somebody, but then used Trillian on my phone to continue the conversation. Somehow they are both completely separate chat windows. I'm sometimes unable to see my webmail chat on my phone, or my phone chat on webmail. MailEnable is setup to sync with Active Directory, each user should only exist once, so I would expect there to be 1 chat window that works between mobile and WebMail. I was able to get Xabber to connect 1 time and didnt receive the webmail messages in Xabber (i usually cant get Xabber to connect at all, and without changing anything, it randomly connected once today) , so i can only assume this issue is happening with Xabber too, which would tell me this is likely not the chat clients. Is there a way to get these to use only one chat window instead of one for each client type?

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