ME Clustering Installation.

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ME Clustering Installation.

Post by thePCdoctor » Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:35 pm

Good day to all. I just wanted to pass along a little helpful hint with regard to Configuring Clustering.

Some time ago, I had posted a query regarding using a "Front End" Web server to access email. I was directected to look at Clustering. Eventually, I did begin loking at the service and spent a great deal of time reviewing the Manuals and all the posts on line here.

All went well, except I kept getting error: ME5-505 "A path or permissions problem ocurred...".

It was a bit of a surprise as I could login, but not see any messages in my inbox and when clicking on the inbox received the above error. Mapi worked fine and i could login on the server where ME is installed using my browser, just not from the interweb.

After revisiting the docs, a note popped out indicating the SMB share that is created. I made a change to the directory in the Cluster Slave and now all is well.

The thing that threw me was that I had the Postoffices in a different directory than MailEnable's default folder. It's just the way we build servers, data goes into a folder called Data and the relevant data under that folder for the product or service.

Once I moved the Postoffices to the folder tree specified during setup (not d:\data\ME\postoffices\..." all is well.

Hope this little note heps others.

On a personal note:I want to thank everyone for all the posts that have been put in this forum. I reliaze that many people contribute and advise "free of time" and above all else, want to encourage everyone to continue to do so. Eventually, tips and tricks and hints do help.

They are appreciated by this contributor.

ps: yup, should have looked at thsi during the initial planning/install, but alas did not.

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