[SOLVED] Mailenable confuses HOME/WORK/OTHER in EMAIL/ADR

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[SOLVED] Mailenable confuses HOME/WORK/OTHER in EMAIL/ADR

Post by kbuchl » Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:14 am

Hello Mailenable Team,
I have done an indepth test with Mailenable's SyncML server together with Synthesis Android Client.
These tests endup in a loss of address and email data.

Here are the details, with my request for a bugfix:

1. Webmail General Tab Email gets overwritten with Business Email

Create a new contact and fill in all 3 Email fields with different email addresses.
The Sync to the Android client sends this vCard:


PREF is not understood on the Androids Google contacts store; this entry is read as OTHER.
PREF does not tell the kind of email, just which one should be taken preferrably if one kind exists more than once.

I suggest to use EMAIL;OTHER for the email address which can be entered on the general tab in webmail.
And to use EMAIL;HOME for the email address on the personal tab.
This would make it clear which email address field is ment.

The client then sends pack the vCard on a subsequent sync:


The result on the server is, that the email address "jenny@fischer.at" is overwritten with "buero@fischer.at".

2. HOME Address is dropped by server

Creating a contact in Webmail, having an address filled in, SyncML server is then sending this to the Android client:


On the Client the user adds a HOME address to this contact, and on the next Sync this data are sent to the server:


The server then confuses HOME and WORK and stores the HOME address as WORK address and shows the HOME address in Webmail.

On the next subsequent sync, the SyncML server sends only the WORK address (which contains now the data of the HOME address) to the client:


This results in the state, that the WORK address contains the HOME address on the client, and the HOME address entry is deleted on the client.
And the original WORK address is lost.

3. Mailenable vCard implementation incorrect
Mailenable uses vCard version 2.1 TYPE elements when sending vCard version 3.

Version 2.1 TYPE representation:

Version 3 TYPE representation:

When the SyncML client requests the server to send data in vCard version 3, Mailenable's SyncML server is sending the data in vCard version 2.1 format and is only changing the Versionnumber in the vCard data.

Thank you for having a fast respond on this issue, in advance.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Mailenable confuses HOME/WORK/OTHER in EMAIL/ADR

Post by MailEnable » Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:56 pm

These issues are now addressed in the 6.7x kits.
Regards, Andrew

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