Webmail and HTML

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Webmail and HTML

Post by JayE » Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:41 pm


It has been standard practice for years to have e-mail clients as well as webmail clients block remote images. I understand that Mail Enable has a few options to block images or not render HTML in the webmail preview window.

My suggestion would to be more industry standard to block remote images and offer a display images link within the preview window.

Having images loading within the preview window, especially from spammers, is a bad idea which leads to more spam, however, the way that Mailenable does this :

1) Forces users to use an e-mail client in order to display images on valid e-mail.
2) Makes users actually view the e-mail in order view legitimate mail and then go back to the message windows which slows things down and is counterproductive.

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