webmail loading error - not see all mail

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webmail loading error - not see all mail

Post by elithosting » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:07 am


I have Plesk panel until 2012 and I can use ot mailenable autoinstall windows plesk panel.

Actually I need to support and I did read Plesk support team. Pleask Support team is not help for me. all this problem Mail enable.

I need to support with yours. I can not solve this problem.

Problem is;

I open webmail, and writing passwd and mail address after system is loading. ( I check-in server ram, cpu, disk not a problem ) but see all mail in panel ( please check-in mail )

Cloud you Please help to me solve this problem ?

I absolutely enjoy sharing server RDP information.

thank you


Plesk sent to last meesage

Bulat Tsydenov (Plesk Support)
Jun 28, 21:24 +07


My name is Bulat, I am a Team Leader in Plesk Support. I've read through the ticket history and I am aware of what is happening here.

You are right, free edition (Standard) of MailEnable is installed with Plesk and it is up to our customers to decide whether to use a paid edition of MailEnable or continue using default free one (Standard). We do not have any influence on support options offered by MailEnable.

As for the issue itself. So far we've been able to find out that MailEnable tries to perform some actions inside the directory of the mailbox E:\MaılData\jjmotor.com.tr\MAILROOT\test\Inbox, however, it fails with the following error in Event viewer:
General: (MailEnable Store Provider (c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe) error: 0) [w3wp.exe] Failed to serialise index: E:\MaılData\jjmotor.com.tr\MAILROOT\test\Inbox. A File Access error occurred when opening the file (was retried for 40 seconds). No data can be written.
Additional investigation with "Process monitor" utility showed us that it does not seem to be permissions issue.

Starting from this point, we lack the expertise in MailEnable software, because we are not the developers of this software and we don't know exactly what it tries to do with index inside the mailbox directory. Please be advised that Plesk is only responsible for integrating MailEnable with Plesk; we neither develop nor maintain nor support the mail server proper. Sometimes, our knowledge is enough to assist our customers with MailEnable issues. However, in this particular case we are, unfortunately, unable to offer much in the way of further assistance, as it is the MailEnable people that are the definitive experts in the software, and it is they who will be able to help you resolve the issue promptly and efficiently.

I hope for your understanding. Let me know if you have any questions.
Best Regards,

Bulat Tsydenov
Support Team Leader
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