ME020010 - HOWTO: Using MailEnable as a smart host


How to use MailEnable as a smart host.


MailEnable can function as a smart host. This means that it can collect mail for another host, and pass the email on. With MailEnable, this is done on a domain basis. A domain needs to be configured in MailEnable to receive the email, otherwise the email may be rejected.

In the domain properties, select the Act as Smart Host checkbox. This will enable a list window below, where the option to add domains to the Smart host list appears. Using the 'add' and 'remove' buttons will configure the addresses of where you are going to redirect the email to.

Enter the IP addresses or the fully qualified host name (e.g. To send to a specific port, then use a colon and port number after the name/IP address.


MailEnable Product Guides:

How to direct SMTP Outbound mail to another SMTP host:Article ME020157

How to smarthost/duplicate mail to multiple servers: Article ME020065

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