How to collect all email not bound for a known local address


This article is only intended for users who wish to send all email not bound for a local mailbox to a specific address. This change will stop all email being sent through the Internet to the original destination. The change only works if you are using the Tab Delimited Providers (it does not apply to the ODBC connector).


This process will send all email that can't be delivered locally to the one mailbox. Usually this email would be put in the outbound queue of the SMTP service, but this change redirects this to a local mailbox.

1) Open the ADDRESS-MAP.TAB file
2) The first line should be:

[SMTP:*] 0 System

Change the second item in the line (it is tab delimited and the second item is actually blank) to the mailbox to catch all email for.

This has to be in the MailEnable format like [SF:postofficename/mailboxname]. Then also change "System" to the name of the post office for the mailbox. So the line should appear similarly to:

[SMTP:*] [SF:MailEnable/postmaster] 0 MailEnable

This will catch all email passing through that is not caught by an existing mapping. It still requires that the emails get into the system, so relaying needs to be enabled to accept all email from authenticated senders. Be aware that changing this will stop all email being sent out to the Internet.


How to configure catch-alls for a domain:

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