ME020091 - INF: Guidelines/suggestions for naming post offices in MailEnable


Suggestions for naming post offices within MailEnable.


MailEnable User ID's are of the format of Mailbox@Postoffice .

You have control of naming the post office within MailEnable.  However, it is good practice to have the post office name as representative of the company/organisation rather than a domain name.

If a company has a very long domain name, it may be desirable to shorten the name of the post office for that company to make it quicker and easier for users to login.

It is also good process to abstract the post office name from the domain name because the company may own more than 1 domain, hence creating confusion.

For example:

A company called ACME123 might own,,,, etc. It is therefore simpler if they simply sign on as Mailbox@ACME123 rather than, etc.

Also, by setting the default post office, users can simply use their mailbox name (without the post office name) to login. The default post office can be set in the MailEnable Administration Program under the properties of the localhost.


What syntax are the credentials passed to MailEnable services: Article ME020068

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