How to allow users to automatically create mailboxes via the web


How users can automatically create mailboxes via a web page.


Mailbox SignUp Wizard
This web page allows you to create a signup page for users. This allows people to create their own mailboxes/accounts via the web.

This utility requires that MailEnable Professional or Enterprise Editions have been installed, and relies on the web administration component being installed.

This distribution includes a single ASP file that should be copied to the BIN\WebAdmin directory. This directory is found in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Bin\WebAdmin

Before using this page, it requires modification. This can be done by opening the page in Notepad.

At the top of this page is a line as follows:

Session("Signup_Postoffice") = "MailEnable"

Change the name of the post office to be the Post office name for which to provide web signup services.

e.g. Session("Signup_Postoffice") = "MyPostoffice"

The name of the post office can be identified via the MailEnable Administration program

Once the change has been made, save the file.

Web Signup can be accessed via http://Server/meadmin/signup.asp

Note: There are also some additional features that can be configured in this file. These are annotated in the file itself, however the following variables are of particular interest:

Session("RedirectURL"): This is the URL to redirect the user to after they have successfully signed up
ReferrerIPs: This variable is optionally checked (If not blank) to ensure that the user has read the terms and conditions and has been directed from the correct server. List is comma delimited.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Allowing anonymous persons to signup to the mail service may lead to you being blacklisted. Spammers may use the service to generate SPAM mail messages - possibly leading blacklisting on RBL/ORDB databases

With MailEnable Enterprise Edition it is possible to restrict access to specific MailEnable services as well as enforcing usage thresholds. This means that users signing up for web mail can be excluded/provided restricted access to POP, SMTP, IMAP, HTTPMail services (which inhibits people from abusing hosted services).


A tool allowing automatic mailbox creation is available at:

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