How to change the password for the IME_USER account


How to change the IME_USER account password.


This issue may be resolved by using the MailEnable Installer application to refresh the configuration.

 Instructions follow:

Using the MailEnable Installer to Update System Components:

1. Using Explorer, browse to the C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\BIN directory and select the file called "MEInstaller.exe"

Note: A menu should be displayed. If the menu is not displayed, replace your copy of "MEInstaller.exe" with the one available at

2. Select the component to have the refreshed/re-installed
3. Select the Execute button and wait for the component to be updated.
4. Select the button to view the installation log and check for errors. (If there are any errors please review the log and search the MailEnable Knowledge Base for any error codes).
5. Close the application and see if the problem has been rectified.

The manual procedure follows:

MailEnable web mail and web administration use the IME_USER account to access their respective web applications. Therefore, ensure that any password changes are made under the IIS Virtual directories using the Internet Service Manager.

Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Internet Service Manager | Directory Security | Edit Anonymous Access | Account Used for Anonymous Access.


What are the IME_ADMIN and IME_USER accounts?: Article ME020184

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