How to set up PTR records under Microsoft's DNS Server


How to set up PTR records under Microsoft's DNS Server.


1. Ensure that DNS Forwarding is enabled on the server. This means that if a client cannot find DNS records in the server, the DNS server will forward request to your ISPs DNS servers. This can be accessed under the properties of the server - Forwarders Tab (within DNS Manager)

2. Create Reverse Lookup Zone for address range of your public IP address (e.g. 201.248.10.*). This is created by selecting new Zone under the properties of the server (within DNS Manager).

3. Create PTR Records for all your IPs under the Zone outlined above (within DNS Manager).

4. Ensure the primary DNS IP addresses used by MailEnable's SMTP Connector to use your local DNS rather than referring upstream to your ISPs. This is much faster and efficient. (This is done via MailEnable Administration Program, under the properties of the SMTP Connector)

5. Restart SMTP Service to place DNS Server changes into effect (Service Control Manager)

Note:  Check with your ISP that they allow PTR referrals to your server. Most ISP's do. This can be checked using resources at


What is a DNS PTR record?:

PTR records are enabled by other mail servers cannot send mail:

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