ME020139 - HOWTO: How to import contacts into a mailbox


How to import contacts into the mailbox Contact folder.


There are currently three ways to migrate contacts into MailEnable's contacts.

1.  There is a utility that will upload contacts from a Windows Address Book via HTTPMail. The utility is available from the MailEnable web site . Once authenticated, contacts can be dragged and dropped from the Windows Address Book to the server. This utility requires that HTTPMail is configured on the MailEnable Server. HTTPMail is configured as a component of Professional and Enterprise Editions.

3. When users log into the webmail interface, if they select the Contact list there is an Import button where you can upload contacts to import.

2. Since MailEnable contacts are stored in VCF format, simply export the contacts from Outlook or the Windows Address book and copy the files into the contacts folder of the mailbox that needs to access them. The location of the contacts folder is normally found in the path: Mail Enable\Postoffices\[postoffice]\MAILROOT\[mailbox]\Contacts


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