ME020141 - INF: How to bulk import a large number of users in to a MailEnable list


How to bulk import users into a list.


MailEnable allows you to import users from a tab or comma delimited file.

From within the MailEnable Administration program, right click on the list and select All Tasks >Import Members.  A wizard will then guide the import procedure.

Alternatively, it is possible to manually import members into the raw text files. MailEnable stores the members of a list in a TAB delimited Text File.

This file is named: C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices\[POSTOFFICE]\Lists\[LISTNAME].TAB
This is a text file so you can simply paste entries into the list. Please note that the format of this file is [SMTP:Member Address].
It is simple to manage these lists using Microsoft Excel to dump out the file formatted as above i.e. saving as tab delimited or comma delimited.

There is a sample Excel template available at
Format the row in Excel and just paste the contents of the B column into the tab file.

What are list commands and how do users subscribe and unsubscribe to MailEnable lists?: Article ME020089  

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