ME020151 - ERR: When using MEInstaller to install web mail or web admin, "Error in CreatePackage -2146368492" occurs


The MEInstaller application logs the error: Error in CreatePackage -2146368492 Method '~' of object '~' failed.


This problem most likely indicates that the IME_ADMIN account has not been granted the rights necessary to run COM+ Applications. These rights are usually granted to the IME_ADMIN and IME_USER accounts when MailEnable is installed. However, MailEnable will only grant these permissions/rights if the accounts for IME_ADMIN and IME_USER do not exist. The most likely reason for this is that older versions of MailEnable that did not set these permissions/rights. Hence, running the installer or upgrading MailEnable may not grant these permissions if the accounts already exist.


The solution to this problem is to run the following commands at the Windows Command Prompt:

MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeTcbPrivilege
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeNetworkLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeBatchLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeCreateTokenPrivilege
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege

MESetPriv.exe IME_USER SeNetworkLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_USER SeBatchLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_USER SeInteractiveLogonRight

Re-run MEInstaller using the same procedure and check to see if the error re-occurs.


Using the MailEnable MEInstaller.exe utility: Article ME020314

Product:MailEnable (Pro-Any Pro-1.X Ent-Any Ent-1.X)
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Created:21/06/2003 1:16:00 PM
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