ME020167 - ERR: "Error: Could not create message file" appears in the SMTP debug log file


"Error: Could not create message file" appears in my SMTP debug log file.


There are four likely possibilities:

1. Someone (or something) deleted the SMTP Inbound Messages directory ([ConnectorRootDirectory]\Queues\SMTP\Inbound\Messages). If the directory does not exist, create the appropriate path.

2. Out of disk space.

3. Real time antivirus software is preventing messages from being written to the SMTP Inbound Messages directory. Disable real-time antivirus protection for the [ConnectorRootDirectory]\Queues\SMTP\Inbound\Messages directory.

4. The LocalSystem account does not have permissions to access the SMTP Inbound Messages directory. Use Explorer to grant LocalSystem access to [ConnectorRootDirectory]\Queues\SMTP\Inbound\Messages.


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Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
Keywords:message file disk space realtime antivirus localsystem error could not create
Class:ERR: Product Error
Created:3/07/2003 8:22:00 PM
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016