ME020173 - ERR: Error Run-time error 453 'Can’t find dll entry point ...'..' ..'..'


Error Run-time error 453 'Can’t find dll entry point ...' is displayed when the Administration program is run. This article only applies to versions 5 and earlier of MailEnable.


Sometimes files that MailEnable uses can get copied into other directories either by end users or third party applications. Core MailEnable files should only ever appear on a machine once and should always be found under the Mail Enable\Bin Directory. If files have been copied into different directories (e.g. into the system directory) they will not be updated by upgrades and there may be issues with DLL versions.


The simplest way to check for duplicates is to use Start > Search > For Folders or Files... and search all hard drives for the DLL that is reporting the error. Any copies that are not in the Mail Enable\BIN directory should be removed. MailEnable files are typically named as ME*.DLL (ensure that the file being removed is actually a MailEnable DLL rather than that of another component/application).


Re-registering the MailEnable Administration components: Article ME020060

Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016