ME020183 - ERR: Diagnostic Report reports the error: 'Could not resolve your Local Domain Name in DNS'


Diagnostic Report reports the error: 'Could not resolve your Local Domain Name in DNS'


This error means that under the properties of the SMTP Connector (in the MailEnable Administration program), a domain name has been specified in the textbox marked as local domain name, and the domain name specified here does not resolve in DNS.

This is either because the DNS server that is specified under the SMTP Connector's properties is invalid or there are no DNS MX records defined for the domain specified.


To ensure that a valid DNS server has been specified, please see the following articles:

Which DNS Server should be used?: Article ME020043

What syntax are the credentials passed to MailEnable services?: Article ME020019

This article can assist in configuring the DNS environment: Article ME020202


What DNS Records should be created when hosting mail domains?: Article ME020048

Troubleshooting DNS MX Lookup Issues: Article ME020079

Which Registry Keys are used when performing Reverse DNS Lookups?: Article ME020127

Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
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Class:ERR: Product Error
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016