How to implement message/spam filtering with MailEnable


How to configure message/spam filtering in MailEnable.


MailEnable Professional and Enterprise Editions provide integrated message filtering which can be used to define rules and actions as messages pass through MailEnable. These filters can be used to search messages for words or phrases and delete or quarantine them before they are delivered to the user. It is also possible to mark messages as being detected as spam so that they are placed directly into the recipients Junk E-mail folder.

The Enterprise version of MailEnable has mailbox filtering, which allows message content filters to be applied at a mailbox level. This has the ability to filter out messages for one particular mailbox and not all messages that pass through the server. Professional Edition applies message filters at a global level only.

MailEnable Enterprise (and Professional Edition v2, v3, v4) provides Bayesian filtering of content. Bayesian filtering calculates the probability of the messages being valid based on a dictionary of terms containing their probabilities of appearing in either undesirable or legitimate messages.

There are also an array of third party tools and utilities which can be used to perform message filtering (e.g.: SNIMTA, SpamAssassin Plug-In, etc).

These filters are provided by third parties as plug-ins to MailEnable. In most cases they are provided for free or a nominal charge and are available under the downloads->Content/Spam Filtering page at


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