ME020191 - HOWTO: How to control how often users are sent message delay notifications


How to change the setting that controls how often delay notifications are sent.


Message delivery notifications under the "Advanced SMTP" tab of the SMTP Connector properties. There are 3 configuration elements that apply to Delay Notifications.

  1. The option "Do not generate message delay notifications" controls whether or not users are notified if a message cannot be delivered immediately.
  2. Using the "Failed message retry interval" configures how often the message is retried for delivery. (This also determines how often delay notifications are sent out).
  3. Finally, the "Failed message lifetime" setting determines how long MailEnable will keep trying to deliver a message. The maximum number of delivery notifications sent to a user is therefore a combination of these two parameters.

How to diagnose outgoing mail problems and Delivery Delay Notifications?: Article ME020148

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016