ME020230 - PRB: Web mail does not delete mail messages and will cause duplicates when opened


Web mail does not delete mail messages and will cause duplicates when opened.


The most likely causes of this issue are:

  • file permissions or
  • an antivirus agent preventing the files from being deleted


Follow the procedure outlined here:

1. Use Windows Explorer to access C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Postoffices

2. Right click on the Post offices folder and select Properties

3. Click on the security tab

4. Ensure that the IME_ADMIN user has full control over the folder

5. Click on the Advanced button

6. Select the option "Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects"

7. Select the option to inherit from the permission entries that apply to child objects

8. Select the Apply button.

If this does not address the issue, review the real time antivirus protection agent settings and ensure that MailEnable queues and message store directories are excluded from protection (assuming it is possible with antivirus agent being used).

Product:MailEnable (Pro-Any Pro-1.X Ent-Any Ent-1.X)
Keywords:duplicates Webmail file permissions IME_ADMIN web mail deleting deletes
Class:PRB: Product Problem or Issue
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016