How to access additional MailEnable web mail skins or create custom skins


How to access additional MailEnable web mail skins and how to create custom skins that can be used in web mail.

Note: This article applies to version 1 of MailEnable. Later versions cannot use the downloadable skins and template.


A library of additional skins is available at the following URL:

It is also possible to customize web mail and skins. Details on how to do this are available in the MailEnable Skinning Guide:

To change the appearance of web mail on a per customer basis requires that a separate skin be created per customer. The skin management utility (in the Administration program) should then be used to force the site to use a specific skin. 

A skinning template is available for Professional Edition.  This template allows the viewing and creation of skins without requiring MailEnable to be installed: The template is available here:

If you are using the ASP.NET version of WebMail, and you wish to simply change the logo on a per domain/postoffice basis, you can place a per-postoffice corp_logo.gif graphic in the following location under the skins directory: /Custom/[PostofficeName]

Example:   C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\bin\NETWebMail\enterprise\Skins\Enterprise\Custom\MyPO\corp_logo.gif


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