ME020237 - INF: Why are message command files set to a status of 'spooling'?


Why message command files in the SMTP inbound queue are set to a status of 'spooling'.


When the MailEnable SMTP Connector receives messages from the Internet, it will initially create a message command file with the status of 'Spooling'. This indicates that the server is in the process of receiving a message from a remote mail client or server. It is only when the server completes receiving the message that the status of the message is updated to Undelivered.

It will then wait in this state for the MTA to pickup the message for delivery to the respective target MailEnable Connector (based on the rules defined in the ADDRESS-MAP file for the recipient address).

Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016