Unable to receive mail from remote mail servers


Unable to receive mail from remote mail servers to any hosted domain/mailbox on my MailEnable server.


The most likely reasons for not being able to receive mail are DNS or network connectivity (firewall) issues.  If a remote server (i.e. server outside a domain) is trying to send to a domain hosted on your server and a message delivery is not showing up in the SMTP activity logs, then no configuration settings in MailEnable can fix this issue.

MailEnable's Diagnostic Report (Article ME020136) only tests that MailEnable is configured and functioning correctly, but it cannot diagnose external configuration issues (like firewall or network connectivity).

Utilities at https://mxtoolbox.com/ or www.mailenable.com/tools can remotely check server connectivity. These utilities will determine if a firewall is allowing SMTP connections through to the server. It will also determine whether DNS settings are configured correctly.

Another way to test the server for successful inbound connections is to use the telnet service from a remote client to the server.  Some further information on the telnet service is contained here: Article ME020207

If the inbound message connections are found in the logs, then the next thing to do (if there are problems locating a message) is to track the message through the system.  The basic throughput for most messages that arrive remotely via the SMTP service is;

SMTP service > MTA Agent > Post Office Connector

To track messages as they pass through the MailEnable services please review the following article: Article ME020252


How do other mail servers learn about my newly installed mail server?: Article ME020019

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Revised:Wednesday, March 7, 2018