ME020241 - PRB: Messages sent to remote servers appear in the Junk Mail folder


Messages sent to remote server from a MailEnable server appear in the recipients junk mail or spam folder. This is happening for messages sent to domains such as Gmail,, Yahoo, etc. 


There are various possibilities as to why messages can be considered as junk by remote servers and therefore delivered to a users junk email folder. Unfortunately there may be no details as to what caused the redirection in order to prevent spammers from working around any checks they do. It is worthwhile to firstly check the email headers of the message in the junk folder as there may be some hint there. Check if the "Authentication-Results" and "X-Spam-Status" email headers exist and if there is an indication of the cause in them.

Otherwise some of major reasons why emails are junked are:

  • No PTR record
  • Connecting from a dynamically assigned IP, or a connection classed as a cable/ADSL connection 
  • Incorrect sender address
  • Invalid/misleading subject line
  • No SPF record for the domain
  • No DKIM for the sending domain
  • Content of the message, such as lots of HTML, images, etc.
  • The email has invalid HTML
  • The message is being auto-generated by a script or program
  • The sending IP address has a poor reputation
  • The sending IP address has sent junk email in the past, or users have marked messages from the sending IP as junk before



Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
Keywords:PTR Hotmail gmail yahoo Junk mail spam junk spam
Class:PRB: Product Problem or Issue
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016