Obtaining an license key for a new server or server configuration


This article describes how to retrieve a license key. If the server name or CPU count changes, a new license key is needed.


If you rename your computer, or install MailEnable on a new server, you will need to retrieve a new license key. To request a new or updated license key, you will need to access Online Services via the MailEnable web site. Details for logging in to Online Services were mailed to you when you purchased MailEnable; otherwise, your username is the e-mail address that was used to register your copy of MailEnable.

Option 1: Within Online Services, view the details of an existing key and change the computername and number of CPUs to match the new server details. This is done by clicking the Licenses menu item on the left. If you have not yet retrieved a license key you may not see any licenses, but there will be a Generate New button shown, which you can click to generate one. When you change the details for a license, you will see the updated license key that you can then enter manually with the MailEnable Registration Wizard. The registration utility can be found under the Mail Enable program group or as MEPReg.exe in the MailEnable "bin" directory. When you run the Registration Wizard, select the "Enter a license key manually" option. 

Note: The MailEnable Diagnostic Report will report the computername and number of CPUs as the 'MailEnable Instance ID' under the Version Information Section. The format of the instance ID is COMPUTERNAME[NumCPUs].

Note: When entering the CPU number, be sure to not to exceed the 5 issue count limit. If this occurs you will not be able to change the CPU number and you will have to contact sales or support for assistance.

Option 2: As an alternative, within Online Services, under the Licenses menu, select the old license key and click the Release button next to the license. Then use the Registration Wizard (found under the Mail Enable program group or as MEPReg.exe in the MailEnable "bin" directory) and select "Register this machine by retrieving license via the Internet" to request a new license key and the released key will be replaced with the details of the new request. The advantage of this approach is that the computer name and number of CPUs are detected automatically for you when you submit your request. Note: You must use your online services login as the e-mail address when requesting the new license key with the Registration Wizard.
Option 3: If you are still having problems, send your Diagnostic Report as a support request via: www.mailenable.com/support or email it to our sales persons.


Licensing FAQ: www.mailenable.com/kb/content/article.asp?ID=ME020353

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