How to force MailEnable to deliver to an external address over local delivery


MailEnable will always check for local delivery above sending the message to any remotely configured DNS sites. To override this behaviour requires a system utility.


The MERoute utility will force any mail being delivered to a post office to be smart hosted out regardless of a mailbox being configured on the server. This is useful for local traffic. Smart hosted domains are domains that are redirected to remote mail hosts.

Mail can be migrated from one MailEnable server to another as follows:

1. On the MailEnable server (i.e. the one hosting mail) smart host all the domains associated with the post office in question to the desired target mail server.
2. Use the utility supplied to force the routing of local mail to the smart host rather than local delivery.

To summarise, the new server needs to be configured and then migrate the data and configuration across to the new server. Then, smart host the domains to the new server and use the MERoute utility to force the smart hosting rules over local delivery. Unzip the utility into the MailEnable BIN directory on the current server.  The utility presents an interface that enforces smart hosting.


MERoute Utility:

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