How to configure IIS SSL support for MailEnable web mail or web administration


This article contains information for configuring SSL support for Microsoft IIS.


SSL needs to be implemented for the IIS web site that is configured with the web mail virtual directory (as created under Services Webmail in the MailEnable Administration Program).

The way SSL is implemented means that a separate IP address is typically required for each SSL certificate that is hosted.

With the introduction of SNI (which is in IIS version 8 and later), it is possible to use host headers with a single IP address protecting multiple host names.

Without SNI however, each domain that has SSL configured requires IIS to use a separate IP address for that web site.

If possible, however, it is generally recommended that each hosted domain be afforded a certificate and IP address.


The procedure for configuring SSL IIS websites for IIS 8.0 and later is outlined here:

The procedure for configuring SSL IIS web sites for IIS 5.0 is outlined here:;en-us;290625


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