ME020301 - INF: How to migrate to MailEnable from Intermail PostOffice


The process of migration of Intermail Post.Office to MailEnable.


There is no automated tool for migrating from Post.Office, therefore this will need to be done manually. A general process for migration is outlined in the following article:

Article ME020242

Post.Office has some utilities that allow its configuration to be exported. The principal utility is a command line utility from memory contained in the Cmdutils directory of the Post.Office installation.

The following example shows how to export the users:
listacct -i Account-ID,Name,Password,SMTP-Address,POP-Address,Mailbox-Quota,Local-Delivery,Forward-Delivery > users.txt

The MailEnable Mailbox import utility can then be used to create the mailboxes.

Post.Office stores its data in MDIR format, but the message file names need to be shortened to be used by MailEnable. There is a utility available to do this as outlined in the following article:
Article ME020242 .

How to migrate to MailEnable from Microsoft Exchange:
Article ME020340
How to copy or migrate MailEnable configuration from one server to another:
Article ME020073

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