Permission errors after making shared data storage/repository


After creating a shared data storage, permission errors occur, or it is not possible to send mail either remotely or locally. Messages are queuing in the SF Queue.


If this issue occurs, ensure that the instructions in the following article on "How to cluster MailEnable" have been followed precisely: me020023.htm

If the instructions in the article have been followed precisely, then try the following;

Run the following commands at the Windows Command Prompt:

MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeTcbPrivilege
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeNetworkLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeBatchLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeCreateTokenPrivilege
MESetPriv.exe IME_ADMIN SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege

MESetPriv.exe IME_USER SeNetworkLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_USER SeBatchLogonRight
MESetPriv.exe IME_USER SeInteractiveLogonRight

Running theabove commandswill elevate the account to have privileges similar to the local admin account.

Re-run MEInstaller and check to see if the error re-occurs. The MEInstaller can be found in the BIN directory, run the first three selections in the installer.

Also, after the data store change, check that the registry settings have been changed correctly for the paths.  To do this, check the path by using regedit and navigating to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MailEnable > MailEnable > Connectors. Click on Connectors and in the right hand side window check that the "Connector root directory" is pointing to the new repository path for the Connectors.


Moving MailEnable Folders - Error ASP 0113:

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