ME020344 - INF: Third party anti-spam protection products


This document provides information on third party anti-spam products that work with the MailEnable system. 


MailEnable has inbuilt spam protection features.  Please check the: Article ME020391 for more information on these.

Many of our customers find that the inbuilt spam protection features of MailEnable can eliminate the bulk of junk email throughput on a server.  However, if you would like to run a third party program to aid in the elimination of spam email, then the following companies have anti-spam products that should be compatible with the MailEnable SMTP service.

Designed for MailEnable

MagicSpam -

MXScan -


SpamAssassin in a Box -

Generic Proxies

MXGuarddog - Spam filtering service

Barracuda Networks - Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall

ASSP - Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy

GFI Software - MailEssentials

Trustwave - mailMAX

Sophos - PureMessage

Symantec - Symantec Messaging Gateway

Clearswift - MIMEsweeper


Third party anti-virus solutions:  Article ME020144

Spam FAQ: Article ME020391

Forum Post For MXScan:



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