ME020361 - ERR: Error "unable to open folder index" when accessing mailboxes via IMAP


When using an IMAP client to select or open a folder the following error occurs:

BAD [READ-WRITE] SELECT unable to open folder index.


If the problem mentioned occurs on all mailboxes, the most likely cause is that the MSXML runtime is not installed or has issues.


Current versions of MailEnable use version 3 of MSXML. This can be addressed by (re) installing the runtime as at: 

The file to install is: msxml3usa.msi.

If the problem does not occur for all mailboxes, there must be an issue with the paths or permissions associated with that specific mailbox - in which case, Filemon (see: ) may assist in determining the cause of the problem.


Some messages may not appear in IMAP Message list when using Outlook Express: Article ME020312

Product:MailEnable (Pro-Any Pro-1.X Ent-Any Ent-1.X)
Keywords:imap mailboxes mailbox bad read write select unable to open folder index BAD
Class:ERR: Product Error
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016