ME020371 - PRB: Virus filter has been configured, but viruses are still appearing in the inbox.


Virus filter has been configured, but viruses are still appearing in the inbox.


  • Server level filtering is disabled
  • Antivirus software not configured correctly
  • Antivirus filter does not exist


Ensure the antivirus integration option has been enabled in the MailEnable Administration program. This can be found under Messaging Manager > Servers > localhost > Filters >MailEnable Message Filter . Highlight "MailEnable Message Filter" and in the right hand side list window you will find "MailEnable Antivirus Filter" and "MailEnable Bayesian Filter". Ensure that the Antivirus filter is enabled. If it is not enabled then right click on MailEnable Antivirus filter and select 'Enable'.

It is possible to verify if the Antivirus command line scanner is being called by referring to the antivirus log file in the MailEnable administration program. The antivirus log file can be found at this location:  Servers > localhost > Filters > MaileEable Message filter > logs > Antivirus.

Ensure that an antivirus filter has been created under Messaging manager > Postoffices > Filters .


How to debug the Antivirus Support and the Mail Transfer Agent: Article ME020121

Server Level Filter Agent Troubleshooting: Article ME020348

Product:MailEnable (Pro-Any Pro-1.X Ent-Any Ent-1.X)
Module:MTA Filtering
Keywords:AV virus MTA agent antivirus not working anti-virus anti viruses
Class:PRB: Product Problem or Issue
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016