ME020401 - INT: Access denied for User "mailenable@localhost" to database "mysql"


MySQL is showing "Blank" as Media. Clicking "Initialize" brings theerror:

Access denied for User "mailenable@localhost" to database "mysql"


The provider migration wizard needs to access the MySQL system data base as the sepecified user to create the actual MailEnable database under MySQL.

 When the utility attempts to build the database in MySQL, the provider migration utility will issue a CREATE DATABASE call against the MySQL database to create the MailEnable database that will be eventually be populated with the MailEnable configuration data.


Whichever username is specified for that DSN must also have the required permissions to create databases under MySQL. Consider using the Root user to create the actual database and then subsequently change the credentials used.  Or, if you are more experienced in MySQL, ensure that the username is valid and appropriately privileged under MySQL.

Product:MailEnable (Pro-Any Ent-Any)
Keywords:MySQL access denied for user to database permission provider initialize blank
Class:INT: Product Integration
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016