Check the spam protection filter message headers.


The spam protection feature introduced in MailEnable allows messages to be rated as low, medium or high level of probability of being spam. This level can then be acted upon when a message reaches a users mailbox by their web mail spam protection level and action. When messages reach the low, medium or high level a header is added to the mail message. In order to keep server I/O down, the header is not added if the message does not reach the low level. Sometimes you may wish to check how MailEnable is rating the emails in order to better fine tune the filtering, or wish to check why messages are not being marked as spam. 


A replacement spam protection filter script is used that will add a header line to every email that passes through the spam protection filter. If the header line is not added, then it means that the message has not passed through the filter.

The spam protection filter can be downloaded from the following URLs:

For MailEnable version 5 and 6:

For MailEnable version 7 and later:

To install:

  1. Extract the zip file to the Mail Enable\Config\Filters\Templates directory
  2. Rename the {SPAM_FILTER}.MES file to {SPAM_FILTER}.BAK. This will allow you to keep the original spam filter if you wish to revert this change.
  3. Rename the {SPAM_FILTER}.DBG to {SPAM_FILTER}.MES.
  4. In the administration program, click the Spam Protection option to list all the checks that are made. Double click a check and click OK in the dialog box that appears. The purpose of this is for the spam filter to be updated with the new file.
  5. Restart the MTA service.

Messages now passing through the server will have the extra header information added.


The header will now also be added for messages which do not not meet the low criteria value. Also, after the header value there is a comma delimited list of the check values that were used in the testing. Below is a list of the items and the test they correspond to. Please note that the values in this header line are the weights given to the test, not the actual test result. For example, a value of 99% Bayesian detected message will put 40 as BY.

  • AS = Asian text contents
  • BY = Bayesian
  • PT = PTR exists
  • RB = RBL test
  • SP = SPF
  • VI = Virus
  • BM = Bulk mailer
  • SU = Contains spam URL
  • IS = Image spam
  • FE = Header/envelope sender mismatch
  • SA = Detected by SpamAssassin (MailEnable version 7 only)


Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
Module:MTA Filtering
Class:HOWTO: Product Instructions
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016