ME020504 - HOWTO: Does MailEnable Support the ETRN SMTP Extension?


This article explains how MailEnable supports the ETRN SMTP Verb. In summary, MailEnable does support ETRN, however there are some limitations that will need to be considered if you chose to implement the feature.


MailEnable does provide basic support fully implement ETRN, however there are some associatted limitations. If you enable the ETRN SMTP verb, clients can issue the ETRN command, and in response, MailEnable will immediately begin spooling any items that are waiting in its SMTP outbound message queue.

The limitation with current support is that the length of time that items will wait in the queue is only able to be configured globally. Specifically, the length of time to hold e-mail is determined by the general SMTP outgoing mail setting settings and you cannot nominate "holding" settings at a domain level.


For more information on the ETRN command and its function, please refer to RFC821. This is available via this link:


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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016