How can I change the branding or customize the login graphics for MailEnable web applications


This article outlines how you can customize both the logo shown on the webmail sign in page and the logo shown in the top left of the browser window after login.


Changing the images is done by placing new graphics in a custom folder on the server in the webmail path. This works on a domain by domain basis.


Customizing the webmail images


When a browser accesses the sign in page, the server inspects the URL that was used. The URL is parsed and an attempt to identify the domain name is made. This is then used to see if a custom image is available for the domain. 


To add images to the server you put them in the following path. Each skin that is used requires a copy of the Custom directory:


Mail Enable\Bin\NetWebMail\Mondo\skins\Mondo\Custom\[company_com]\


NOTE: In the above example, the domain name in question is, however the period is replaced with an underscore since IIS will block file paths with .com in them. Do not include the [] characters. MailEnable will also strip the first part of the URL when processing it. So will become webmail_com.


NOTE: In version 4 the path to the skins folder is HooDoo instead of Mondo:


Mail Enable\Bin\NetWebMail\HooDoo\skins\clear\Custom\[company_com]


The images need to be called:


login_logo.jpg - This is the sign in page logo for versions 5 and later of MailEnable

login-window_logo.gif - This is the sign in page logo for version 4 of MailEnable


An example:


The URL used to access webmail =


Path on server = Mail Enable\Bin\NETWebMail\Mondo\Skins\Oceano\Custom\domain_com


Another example:


The URL used to access webmail =


Path on server = Mail Enable\Bin\NETWebMail\Mondo\Skins\Mondo\Custom\com


Customizing the branding banner graphic


You also have the ability to replace the MailEnable banner within the webmail screen after a user has logged in.


You can enable this feature through the administration program at the following location:


Servers->Localhost->Services and Connectors->Webmail Properties->General->Enable banner and usage display


If you are using the Enterprise version of MailEnable you are able to upload the banner image through web administration (under the Branding option). The branding for the graphic after logon is slightly different in that it uses the postoffice name to determine the graphic location.  So if you are doing this outside of the web administration program, the path is based on the postoffice name, not the domain used. The web administration branding option cannot do the main login page, since the postoffice is not known until the user logs in. The path to the graphic will be:


Mail Enable\bin\netwebmail\Mondo\skins\[skin]\Custom\[postofficename]\corp_logo.gif


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