ME020573 - HOWTO: How to define Custom ActiveSync Policies


The Exchange ActiveSync Protocol has the ability to enforce policies on devices. MailEnable provisions devices with a very simple policy by default, however, it is possible to configure additional policy settings for devices.


By default, MailEnable will issue a basic policy document to clients that simply tells the device not to configure a device password for the EAS account.

It is as follows:


MailEnable will look for and create a file ActiveSync.Policy.Xml that can be edited according to your requirements (by default, the file will contain the basic policy outlined above).

The file will be created in your MailEnable CONFIG directory, MailEnable BIN directory or in the [System32]\inetsrv directory depending on whether you are using IIS or the Synchronisation service to provide ActiveSync.

Microsoft provides details on the settings that are available here:

An example of a more sophisticated policy document follows:



Microsoft ActiveSync Device Provisioning:


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