How to configure MailEnable spam options to provide an effective spam protection service.


The spam protection script filter uses various criteria's in order to calculate the positive and negative weighting to apply the correct spam score header to a message. To make the spam protection script effective, is to ensure that the critieria's used by the spam protection script that provide the highest positive weighting are enabled and have been configured correctly. Reviewing the list below and enabling the options will provide a reliable spam score to a message.


  • Reviewing the Bayesian filtering settings and train the dictionary based on good and bad messages that are sent/received from the server. This can be accomplished by using the manual training method or auto training.

- Information on how to enable Bayesian auto training can be found in the following section of the MailEnable documentation: Message Filtering > Bayesian filtering > Configuring Bayesian Filtering

- Information on how to manually train the dictionary and collecting ham and spam messages can be found here:


Here is an article that helps with testing the spam protection script service and explains a little more about its usage:Article

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Revised:Tuesday, May 8, 2018