ME020639 - HOWTO: How to import Microsoft Outlook PST data to MailEnable


This article explains how to import contents of an Outlook PST file to a MailEnable server.


Microsoft Outlook can be used to import a PST file, and upload the email messages to a MailEnable server. To do this you would have an IMAP account configured in Outlook connected to the mailbox you wish to import the emails to. Use the Outlook Import and Export Wizard to import the PST file to the desired location in the account. Doing this will upload all the emails to the mail server. This may take a while, since each email is uploaded in order and it does not upload contacts, appointments or tasks.

Another option is to extract the data from the Outlook PST file using the "PST TO MailEnable" from the MailEnable website. The utility has to run on a machine with Microsoft Outlook. It also requires .Net 4 to be installed. This utility allows you to extract directly to a mailbox if Outlook and MailEnable are installed on the same Windows server. Otherwise it has a bulk import feature where you can extract data from one or more PST files to a local path and then copy this path to the server. This can be a faster method of importing the data, and it also supports appointments and contacts.

PST TO MailEnable 32bit version:

PST TO MailEnable 64bit version:

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