Migrating to MailEnable from Other Mail Systems


This article explains how to migrate to MailEnable from other mail systems.

There are two approaches that can be considered when migrating to MailEnable:

  1. Simple Mailbox Migration - Users login to WebMail and click an import button having supplied their username and password for the legacy mail system.
  2. Migration Center - The administrator uses the Migration Console to specify details for the legacy mail system and defines the mechanism for importing mail.


Using this approach, the user (or someone who knows the user's credentials) initiates the migration process.

This is done as follows:

  1. Create the Organization/Domain under MailEnable using the Management Console or Web Administration (detailed instructions for doing this are in the Quick Start Guide).
  2. Login to Web Administration and access the Settings for the Postoffice/Organization. Under the migration tab, set the defaults for CalDAV/CardDAV and IMAP.
  3. Email your existing users with instructions for how to login to webmail under MailEnable and direct them to the Options/Advanced/Import screen. They will need to enter their username and password for the legacy mail server and click the import button.
  4. The MailEnable Migration Service will then begin processing the users import and will notify them when it is complete. The users Mail, Contacts and Appointments should then be available within MailEnable.


MailEnable's Migration Center provides a comprehensive set of wizards that allow migration from legacy mail systems. It is possible to migrate a single organization/domain or to migrate an entire server.

The most significant challenge in migrating from a legacy mail system is obtaining credentials/access to legacy mailboxes (since it requires knowledge of user's passwords).

If you know user's passwords (or are in a position to reset them having notified the users) then the migration process is straight forward and you can simply create the users in MailEnable and configure the Migration Console to import from the legacy mail system.

If you do not want to do this, the only workaround is to attempt to capture the users' credentials when they login, and then use the credentials to migrate their e-mail.

It can be configured to either capture credentials to a file (which can then be used to import users, or it can capture credentials when the user attempts to login, and automatically migrate the messaging data from the legacy mail system.


For more information on the migrating, please refer to the documentation installed under the MailEnable/Migration program group. The following articles may also assist you in migrating:

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Revised:Wednesday, October 26, 2016