Schedule greylisting using Windows Scheduler


You may wish to schedule the greylisting option so as to only greylist emails outside of office hours, to avoid any potential delay. This can be done with a mix of Windows Task Scheduler and PowerShell. This article only applies to the Enterprise versions of MailEnable, since the Professional version only allows greylisting to be enabled or disabled globally.


MailEnable provides a PowerShell interface which can be used to configure options. With this, you can enable or disable greylisting for a postoffice or mailbox. In order to schedule this via the Windows Task Scheduler, you need to create a PowerShell file that can be executed. Firstly, create a PowerShell script file which disables greylisting:

Add-PSSnapin MailEnable.Provision.Command
Set-MailEnablePostoffice -Postoffice "" -Setting poSMTP-GreyListing -Value 0

And create another one that enables greylisting:

Add-PSSnapin MailEnable.Provision.Command
Set-MailEnablePostoffice -Postoffice "" -Setting poSMTP-GreyListing -Value 1

The above example is for the postoffice level option. If you wish to do this at a mailbox level you must have the postoffice configured to allow greylisting option to be set per postoffice. Once the scripts are created, try to execute them to make sure they are correct and to help ensure that your security policy has been configured to allow them to execute. Microsoft has more details on the policy requirements at

Create tasks for turning the option off and on, and the program to run would be:

PowerShell -File "c:\scripts\greylistingon.ps1"


MailEnable PowerShell Guide can be found here.

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